The energy in the room was palpable last Saturday evening. A bunch of twenty-somethings sat, surveying the circumference of the oval, sizing up their peers. Not passing judgment but thinking…

“Hmm. So this is who I will be conversing with, growing with, serving with over the next several months?” 

We introduced ourselves and heard the names of others for the first time.

Those names will soon become familiar.

And as we delve into the lives of one another those names will hopefully become synonymous with joy, challenges, growth and the closest of relationships.

Here at the beginning there are so many questions and so many expectations. Some of those will be challenged, but I also trust that many of them will be fulfilled and surpassed. Together we are on the cusp of something wonderful, enjoying the moment but also looking forward to launching into the next.

I, for one, am thrilled to be a part.