Facing Down Demons

Face down those demons,
those liars and whores,
those meddling scores.
Those who would trade
your precious soul
for their own destruction.
Filling a bottomless pit
with all those they've silenced.
Those murderous tyrants.

To hell with them.

Who are you to deny the Divine in us,
the ideas He's given us?
Who's to say you're not a psalmist?
Who's to say you're not a prophet?
You can't know it until you've ceased to deny it
and actually tried it.

Go toe-dipping.

Who's to say that those words,
the ones that threaten your pride
the ones you've damned up inside,
damned into oblivion,
are your words at all?
Get them out.
They may be nothing,
or they may be the thing.

The thing that sets us all free.