Me: We need to walk quickly.

Ellis: Yes. We can't run, or play, or stare at people, or pick flowers!

That little exchange took place almost two months ago. I don’t remember now where we were rushing off to, but I wrote it down because she made me laugh aloud.

I’m in a busy season right now, one in which I quickly fall into the perpetual pattern of hurry. No one’s telling me to “walk quickly,” but I can feel the hurry in my heart.

When I pressed Ellis to hurry she quickly listed all the things she’d do if she weren’t being prodded, all the things she most loves, the things that really make her who she is.

I’m convinced that hurry robs us of the things we really are. Sure, we may notice some minor gains, some short-term wins. But hurry holds us back from better things.

I’m sitting here wondering what my things might be. My little girl’s list may be tough to beat.