Writing this was one of the things that helped me lay claim to Joy this season. Through many ups and downs and questions and answers I came a little closer to understanding Joy as something that is permanent, inexhaustible, and steadfast, a new status that is Truth. Truth that is independent of the circumstances, stations and skepticisms from which I may view it.

O little town of Bethlehem How still we see thee lie; Within thy heart, Thy humblest parts, A tale began. A plan began— Began again— To counteract the fall of man That had began At man’s own hand

At the beginning When we were still brimming With joy from His presence, Before we had a sense That the world only made sense Because of His presence.

Like spoiled adolescents, We spoiled the essence of Him in us.

In a bite of rebellion We invented the hellion, And the curse, oh it fell in, On us.

As His presence departed, And the joy He brought was thwarted, A sick cycle started.

Cuz our world took to spinning, And we kept on sinning. Then the ark went a skimming As our sin sent us swimming, And put us back at the beginning Again.

Then God made a promise: That He would not destroy us. The He would not forget us.

And he embarked on a plan To bridge the great span, And later called on a man Named Abraham So that he Would be The father of a nation. That through some Would come Demonstrations And declarations For all populations Of who God was, So that all would be abuzz

To raise expectations, To make preparations, For one whose vibrations Would shake the foundations Of everything, Of every being.

God was coming for them, For the condemned, To the little town of Bethlehem.

For God had made that promise That he would not forget us Or leave us To our own devices Or to make poor sacrifices. For only grace suffices.

And so one silent night Some shepherds had a fright, And angels declared— With those shepherds they shared— The good news of great joy For there had been born a little boy. And this joy Was for the whole world For God’s great plan had been unfurled.

So into the bleakness, To creation so grievous Came Jesus.

And riding on his coattails, Gliding in his full sails Was joy.

The Lord, The one adored, Restored His presence among us That his promises to us Might at last Reach their purpose.

And they cannot be taken For we’ll not be forsaken Whilst he is making Us new.

And so I have joy. In His promise, In His presence, I’ve been given entrance.

He’s told me I’ll be new; His presence makes it true, And I have joy.

Though mountains may crumble And my dreams, they may tumble Into the bottoms of the sea, I’ll be Marked by the joy He’s given me. Because He Is within me I have joy.

I have it. I HAVE it. Despair, it is absent. In Him I am content. Not because the trials won’t come, But because the curse is undone. And I’ve become His precious one, And his work in me’s not done! I have joy.