More Than Pictures: A Spoken Word

God has been getting my attention. It may have begun as a whisper in my ear, but it has become a banging of drums and a battle cry, like being taken by the shoulders and shaken awake.

I've always distanced myself from the idea of mission, from the fact that God has called me to something that is less comfortable and less controllable than what is "normal." I have narrowed my definition of mission down to something that happens overseas or a project I can sign up for now and then. By this narrow definition I've been able to skate on by without an overabundance of guilt despite knowing in my heart that God's vision for mission must be much bigger than my definition.

Mission is seeing everything with new eyes, seeing within despair the incredible potential for beauty and the redemption God can bring. And mission is choosing to be one who is available to the idea that the beauty and redemption God can bring might be brought through me.

I'm still learning. I alway will be. But this is my missional confessional, my way of saying, "I'm awake!"