Sleep & Resist

Oh little ones,
dozing is done,
and dreams have come
to carry you away.

Is this when games are devised
and songs improvised—
made up and stored
in the closets and beneath floorboards
or lined up on the secret shelves
of your unmeddled mind?

Or is this when you devise your disobedience,
plot your willful resistance
to authority and maturity?

By all means, resist!
May these dreams consist
of playful joys
for a day will foist
upon you the burdens of adulthood
in time.

Resist! My son and my daughters,
close fists
against the coming of logic and reason, 
giving reasons for disparaging these seasons
of dreams
in the day and not just night.

If growing up
is growing out
of daydreams
and made-up-things
then rebel!
Fume and marshall fury
against the onslaught of worries
that we hurry toward when we grow old.

So, little ones,
sleep and resist
and dream.